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On the 20th of November, the KIDSCOM AGENCY press presentation took place to present the next SS24 season where stylists had the chance to discover the new warm-weather collections from our brands.

Taking advantage of our privileged place, we organised a “country house” inspired breakfast with @lasinsolitas, a sustainable event agency, who set the scene and offered us a delicious selection of natural and handmade dishes, which we all enjoyed. Special thanks also to @shopcopito for lending us with their beautiful handmade all-natural candles, that totally brought some magic to the event.

We invited our guests to pick out pieces from each brand, challenging them to create on-the-spot outfits. The outcome was truly amazing! We are now getting a sense of the trends that lie ahead for this SS24.

However, each of our brands follows its own path, preserving an essence that makes each of them unique. 

Bellerose with its chic vibe, Bonmot with its bold colours, Compañía Fantástica Mini with its cheerful looks, Finger in the nose with its coolness, tinycottons with its signature prints and NAW with its innovative sneakers. All of them are part of our lineup of brands, once again breaking into the season with their creative and modern designs.

Yet, a touch of classic and romanticism is always necessary. This essence is brought to us by Belle Chiara, more bohemian than ever, Gingersnaps with its elegant nautical style, and Suuky with its colorful and refined range.

Once again, the day was filled with boundless creativity and wonderful company.

Welcome SS24 season!

Direct link to the video resume of the event

Direct link to the brands resume video

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